Failure To Act


A homicide by assault is certainly a crime. An assault alone Is a felony and to the point of death is murder/manslaughter. However, the Baltimore County Prosecutor, Scott Shellenberger, opposes the expert conclusion by the medical examiners and he tells us that a homicide by assault does not rise to the level of a crime.

This is outrageous, unconscionable and untrue. Mr. Shellenberger continues to say that the bobcat was moving forward when the incident occurred and that my son jumped on top of the left front tire and fell through. Fell through what?

There is nothing to fall through and there is only sixteen inches between the left side tires of the bobcat and there is a metal undercarriage on the bottom of the bobcat that sits just 9-10 inches from the ground. Joseph had no broken bones below his neck. Joseph Miranda was already lying flat on the ground when the 7,600 lb. bobcat backed over him crushing him to death.

States Attorney Scott Shellenberger is using an impossible scenario, one of many that the perpetrator conjured up to hide his guilt. He has closed my son’s case classifying it as an accident when all fourteen medical examiners agree that Joseph Miranda’s death is a homicide by an assault.

We have been on a crusade to obtain justice for Joseph for fourteen years now and I will never give up. We know that facts and science doesn’t lie, but people do.