Josephs’s Story

On July, 20th, 2006, my son, Joseph Anthony Miranda, was brutally killed at the age of nineteen.

He was a Foreman for a landscaping company, Outside Unlimited Inc..

The violent assault took place in Baltimore County while he was working at the company located at 4195 St. Paul Rd. Hampstead, Maryland.

Joseph was knowingly and brutally pushed/shoved into the path of the oncoming reversing Bobcat and crushed to death by the co-worker, Paul Christopher Godwin, also nineteen, who was a laborer acting as a spotter on that day.

Joseph was found lying flat on his stomach completely underneath the Bobcat, (Model G 873), with his legs sticking out the back of the machine.

The left rear tire was behind Joseph’s left Shoulder against his armpit. His face, head and neck Were severely crushed and there was undisturbed brain matter exuding from the top of his skull.

A criminal investigation was processed by the Police. The Medical Examiners studied all of the facts, science, physics, forensics, crime scene photographs, police reports and even did their own reconstruction.

The Medical Examiners confirm my son’s death is a homicide by an assault. They/we know Mr. Paul Godwin caused Joseph’s death. All of the facts, science and evidence prove it.