The Cabal Show – Interview

Author of “The Scent Of My Son” Adrienne Miranda comes on the Sunday Revolution Radio Cancel The Cabal Show to tell us the story of her son’s murder. Author of, “The Scent of My Son, In God we Trust”. A true and vital story about the tragic death of my beloved son, Joseph Miranda, who was killed in the workplace in 2006 at age 19. My son’s death has been confirmed a Homicide by Assault by the Chief Medical Examiner and his Assistant in Maryland and is on file in vital records in the state of Maryland. However, the police, law enforcement and local and state prosecutors have opposed the conclusion of the expert coroners and gone against their findings stating that a homicide by assault does not rise to the level of a crime. What? Are they that stupid or just that corrupt? These people are not doing their jobs, have continually lied to us, hidden police reports, showed prejudice and bias toward us and their misconduct and malfeasance are unconscionable. I will continue my crusade for justice for Joseph until there is a trial in a court of law and the killer is held accountable. I have completely relied on my faith and my Almighty God to show me the way and give me the strength and perseverance needed to write my book and expose all that He wants revealed. God is a just and loving God. Justice will prevail for Joseph; it is only a matter of time. There will be a greater good; in this I am certain.

“Sharing the Truth is essential for all Americans to understand the horrific injustices and corruption that exists in our government.  Stand up and unite together for justice for all!”
Adrienne Miranda